Design Competition

Design Competition

Have you ever had an awesome design idea for a new home and wondered what it would look like in real life?

Now you have the chance to find out. Submit your design ideas and our design team will select one to draw up into a real set of plans, we’ll even convert it into 3D views and augmented reality views, making it as close to the real thing as possible without actually building your design.

Whats more, if your design gets chosen, you’ll receive a special gift basket valued at $200 plus a $2,000.00 discount voucher if you decide to build with Homeworx, which you can keep for yourself or give it to a friend.

So get creating, send us your ideas using the form below:

Design Competition Form

Here is what your design could look like in 3D if it is chosen by our team:

View ACCLAIM 188 in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.

View ACCLAIM 188 in Chief Architect’s 3D Viewer.