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How long will my build take?

Building Time Frames

In a perfect world, build schedules would run according to plan, without delays or push-backs. The sun would shine every day, and the rain would only come once the building is watertight.

Unfortunately, though, this is only an ideal world.

There is a multitude of factors that can delay any build, waiting on suppliers and bad weather first spring to mind.

It pays to have realistic expectations on the time frame of your build.


The time of year your build takes place in can influence the duration a lot. It’s no surprise that winter builds suffer more delays due to bad weather.
But bad weather can strike at any time so it pays to be aware that weather can change the schedule of your build.
Although we cannot control the weather, we prefer to be upfront and realistic with you about any potential setbacks that may come as a result of an angry Mother Nature. 


Suppliers and subcontractors can also play their part in delaying a build. Sometimes by no fault of their own, if there are delays from the manufacturers or other suppliers, then the suppliers will not be able to meet their delivery deadlines.


Practically all new builds will need to be consented to by the council. The building consent process on average takes about a month, and if your build is complicated or the location tricky, it can take much longer. Moreover, that is before you even start building. Structural changes to your build along the way will also need to be signed off by the council.

Homeworx & Building Times

We keep you up to date with your build 24/7 with our project management software, Wizard. On Wizard, you can see your expected build schedule along with a quality control checklist that regularly gets ticked off once stages are complete.