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Homeworx Quality Standard: Grey Tint Glass

Posted on July 4th, 2019

Grey Tint Glass

This week we’re shining the spotlight on Grey Tint Glass and letting you know what its purpose is.

We often use grey tint glass because it is a better controller of solar heat than standard glass.

How tinted glass works.

Tinted glass is produced by adding metal oxides to the glass during manufacture. There are multiple different tints you can get, and each has its own characteristics. Tinting glass helps to adjust its relationship with solar heat and light, generally, by reducing glare and heat transmission.

Benefits of using a grey tint.

Grey tint glass is a better controller of solar heat than other tinted glasses. Not only does it reduce solar heat, but it also has a lower light transmission, minimising glare. This is particularly effective in Hawke’s Bay because of its high average sunshine hours and hot summers. Furthermore, grey tint glass also reduces UV rays getting through your windows, keeping you better protected. All this makes for more comfortable living.