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Homeworx Quality Standard: Laminate Flooring

Posted on July 4th, 2019

We use laminate flooring in many of our homes because it is stylish, durable and comes in a wide range of different colours and designs. Laminate flooring is low-maintenance and easy to install, lasting a long time.

Laminate flooring consists of four layers…

1. This is the coating that protects the layer below it. It provides resistance to fading, staining, water, and wear. It is also relatively more resistant to scratches than other floorings.

2. This is the design layer which is a high-resolution print of, most commonly, wood, stone or tiles. There are many variations to choose from.

3. This layer is called an HDF, or High-Density Fibreboard, it is a man-made product composed of wood fibres. It is extremely dense thus providing strength and stability.

4. A melamine layer that provides stability and also acts as a moisture barrier from the foundation below.

Why is laminate flooring a good idea for your home?

Laminate is a very versatile product. It can suit many different spaces from rustic, classic, to ultra-modern homes. It is also a practical flooring that can handle a bit of wear and tear.